General Information

Rose Bud Global and it’s ownership has been in the Wholesale Trading and Supply business for over 30 years. Until recently most of our clients were based in Africa and the Middle East but we are not starting to establish a deeper foothold in the USA. The business is registered as an LLC in the state of New Jersey. At the helm of the company is the Mrs. Priscilla Bedell, (CEO and Chairman)

Our Core Values

We believe in developing client relationships and ensuring that our clients get the most out of their investment using our services. Over the years, our clients have developed a trust in us that has helped us to provide goods and services that enables them to do what they do best.

How We Operate

Our clients contact us directly with special requests of items needed for their business and supply operations. If the items are available in our warehouse, we ship immediately. Otherwise we utilize our manufacturer resources to design (if necessary) and procure the specific items. The ability to get products for our customers directly from manufacturers enable us to offer lowest possible pricing points and cost savings. When the items are ready, we require a Purchase Order (P.O.) and the items are then shipped to customers in the USA or around the globe. We have partnerships with several International freight forwarders including FEDEX and UPS that can deliver via Air Freight or Containerized shipping.